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Gibbon Slacklines


Gibbon has revolutionized Slacklining which was previously exclusive to climbers, with the introduction of easier to use systems. This opened up Slacklining to everyone and fueled the development of an entirely new sport. The number of Slackliners is growing exponentially and Gibbon strives to connect that community locally and globally. Whether you’re Slacklining in school, your backyard, or on a stage in front of millions you’ll find everything you need right here. Even the best had to start with just one step.


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AirTrack Factory – Inflatable Tumbling Tracks

AirTrack Factory

Inflatable Tumbling Tracks

AirTrack Factory is the world’s leading AirTrack manufacturer.Our inflatable tumbling tracks are used by sportsmen worldwide.

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Expedition One – GERI Cans


Geri Cans

The Expedition One GERI Cans (Fuel & Water) have a capacity of 4 U.S. Gallons. Made from a hi-density polymer plastic and come with a self enclosed flex spout with a sure seal anti-vibration fuel cap and designed to handle loads of up to 800 lbs of gear stacked on top of it.



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